On The Air In Toronto

So I do quite a bit of voicework for clients (mine and others) all across the US and Canada.  My favorite campaign is for a company in Toronto, Mr. Safety Shoes, which sells…well I’m sure you can figure it out.  I just found out that the owner of the company is so happy with the radio ads that each week he puts the new ad on the web for everyone to hear.

It’s a spoof on The Daily Show…the, ahem, Daily Shoe.  The fabulously talented Adam Donmoyer is John, ahem, “Shoewart,” leaving me to play the Stephen Colbert man-on-the-street role.  Adam also does all the writing, which leaves me in stitches each week when I go in to record.  Today he had me singing, which was ugly.  Not, like, “Janet Reno” ugly, but, say, ”American Idol Audition” ugly.

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