Morning X

I woke up early (earlier) for scab duty on The Morning X with Mike and Jason.  I was filling in for international playboy Andy Langer.  Andy gives the weekly entertainment insider update, so obviously the guys were slumming it today.  I had a blast with those guys.  I love listening to them on the way to the gym in the morning and you can see why it sounds like they are having so much fun:  they really are. 

Here were some of my more salient observations:

–Austinite Patrice Pike, I predicted, will probably see her run end on Rockstar Supernova in the next couple of weeks.  For the record, I argued, that is a good thing…as Patrice is waaaaaaay too talented to get stuck with those gonads.  Supernova, I contend, looks like the makings of a real suck-fest.  Perhaps in some twist of fate, Patrice could start a band with Dave Navarro.  Now that’d be worth the price of admission.

–For the record, speaking of CBS television, Chillville, the radio show, is of no relation to Chilltown, the very public “alliance” on TV’s Big Brother.

–Speaking of Andy Langer, I reminded the boys that the original Sunday night show on 101-X featuring new and local music, circa 1995-6, was called Radio Free Austin and was hosted by yours truly.  When I took a job as music director at KMYZ in Tulsa back in ‘96, I told Langer I was running out for a twelver, and to hold down the fort.  Langer still thinks I’m coming back.

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