January 7th Catch of the Day – Levinhurst

Full Monty here with the¬†catch of the day, which happened to just fall on my lap when Meghan, the producer/manager for Chloe Day, told us about a new album he produced. I wasn’t the one who found this gem; however, I will take full credit for it.

Levinhurst is Lol Tolhurst’s band which blends alternative sounds and songwriting hovering over mellow, ambient beats. Now if you don’t know the name, Lol Tolhurst, you might know of a little band that he and a good friend of his formed – The Cure. Yes, Lol is one of the original memebers and founding fathers of The Cure. Levinhurst is a project that came together as he matured over the years. Cindy Levinson provides vocals, which takes the music to another level. Levinhurst can be compared to an electronic, chilled-out Cure with a female singer. My song choice is Nobody Cares.

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