Ghostland at the Opera

Last Friday (01/19), I experienced my first live Ghostland Observatory concert at UT’s Hogg Auditorium. All I can say is that these guys know how to put on a show. Thomas Turner and Aaron Behrens are the two behind the electro-rock band, which is based here in Austin. They performed to a sold out venue while incorporating an awesome display of lights and lasers for the first time. Aaron, who commands lead vocals, really takes charge of the stage by dancing around and feeding off the energy from the music. I haven’t seen such stage charisma since the likes of Dave Gahan, Ian Astbury, and even Mick Jagger. He really got the crowd pumping with his style of singing, and through his command of the stage. But let’s not forget about Thomas Turner who programed the bands electronics, played the keyboard, and even busted out on the live drums. Thomas endulged himself in the technology by creating sounds that worked perfectly with the whole live experience. His beats, either programmed or live drums, pounded throughtout the auditorium and took full control of the audience. When you mix the sounds of Ghostland with the full laser/light show, what you come out with is pure magic. I think these guys will have a great future and will be around for quite some time. Expect to see Ghostland Observatory again in March for SXSW.

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