January 21st Catch of the Day – OHN

I, Full Monty, am pleased to bring you some local flavor as my “Catch of the Day”. I give you Austin’s own – OHN. This local band, OHN (pronounced “own”) has actually been around for a few years, and are putting the final touches on their 3rd album. Bill Sarver is one of the founding members of this mellow electronic band, which produces hypnotic chill beats accompanied by live instruments and vocals. Their sound can be funky at times, due to their selection of beats. However, the mix of guitar and violins that have been processed with a synthesizer keep the chill ambience alive. The difference with this third album, Revolutionary Revolution, is the beautiful vocals of Allison Scharf, who is the newest addition to the band. Her sensual vocals are the biggest change on this new album from the previous two, and work perfectly with the trip hop, jazzy sounds of the band. Look for the new album to come out in late February. My song selection is The Beatles cover of Dear Prudence.

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