Members of Underworld Injured at the Ejekt Festival

According to Underworld’s Myspace page, members of the electronic band were injured due to rioting at the Ejekt Festival in Athens.

“Underworlds’ Rick Smith, Karl Hyde, Darren Price and crew were caught up in trouble reportedly caused by “anarchists” at the Ejekt Festival in Athens on Saturday night (16/06/07). Underworld were scheduled to close the festival that also included Madness and The Beastie Boys. It is reported that a group of around 30 masked individuals, armed with CS-gas, iron bars and baseball bats stormed the stadium at around 11.20pm as The Beastie Boys were performing. As cars were burned and property damaged, the stadium was evacuated. Underworlds’ Rick Smith was one of the injured. He was hospitalised for a time in Athens, but has now returned to the UK for further treatment. Several other people including security guards were seriously hurt.”

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