On The Horizon

This Sunday, we’ve got an acoustic performance by Lomita, which has me stoked beyond belief.  By all accounts, I think we’re going to end up stretching the definition of ‘acoustic’ on this one as it looks like there will be pedals and stompboxes scattered through the studio.  If you’ve seen these guys live, you can attest that they bring the rock full-throttle, so it will be interesting to hear them showcase their, ahem, softer, sensitive side–heh heh heh.  OK, ’soft’ was a poor choice of words.  But it should be a trippy affair, methinks.

Filmmaking phenom Kat Candler is celebrating the release of her film Jumping Off Bridges on DVD with a visit to the Chillville studios.  Since she made the film a few years back, one if its stars has seen his profile skyrocket;  you probably know actor Michael Emerson better as Lost’s quizzical antagonist Benjamin Linus.  Not sure if he’s coming along (yeah right), but Kat will have producer partner Stacy Schoolfield in tow, as they discuss doing it yourself, keeping it real, and jumping off bridges (literally and metaphorically).

Finally, mark your calendars for our first ever Chillville X-Session with Seattle swervers Minus The Bear.  You’ve heard us extolling the virtues of el oso for awhile, and their new disc Planet Of Ice is just insanely good.   The Friday afternoon fling will go down on October 19 in the 101-X conference room.  Somebody said something about free beer and pizza as well.  Suh-weet.  They are playing later that night at Emo’s, but if you’re among the lucky few (probably 30 tops) you can hear them do a stripped-down 30 minute set from one of my favorite up-and-coming acts.

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