The Skinny on Yeasayer

While most experimental music can be described as interesting, not as frequently can it be called beautiful. New York’s Yeasayer, however, is crafting some of the most melodically lush songs out there.They have tight vocal harmonies, handclaps, and the occasional chorus of untrained voices joining in; sometimes eerie but always joyful, their appeal is easy to understand. Yeasayer is riding the edge of a wave of buzz that started with 2007’s SXSW; they just finished up a tour with MGMT at this year’s SXSW. Watching a wonderfully imperfect Take Away Show in Paris, you can get some idea of their sense of whimsy, pared down from the instruments-laden tracks of 2007 release All Hour Cymbals. Listen to the Take Away Show, download Red Cave, and check out their album – if you like one song by them, you will probably enjoy them all.

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