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Tuesdays With Mary

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

This seems to be the week for profanity-laced groups visiting Austin: Holy F**k is playing a sold-out show with MIA at La Zona Rosa this Thursday, and on Sunday night, F**k Buttons took the stage before Caribou. They were relentless, playing a solid 40 minutes with no breaks for applause until the end. Noise rock may be the genre, but the noises they crafted were organic; primal, eerie, and fascinating.

Caribou’s set-up was chill; a dimly lit stage with patterns projected on the wall behind, bringing the focus away from the musicians and to the music (which deserved the attention). Heavily distorted or whispered vocals were a large feature, and occasionally, Caribou architect Daniel Snaith would leave vocals, guitar, and the occasional set of chimes behind for a drum kit, causing dropped jaws around the room at the frenetic barrage of two drummers going insane at the same time. Both acts are definitely worth checking out if you prefer music that makes you think.

A show you don’t want to miss is coming up Wednesday night at Emo’s. Man Man is eclectic, strange, and reputedly have awesome live shows. And Chillville has blogged about Yeasayer before, but to sum up: densely-layered synths, complex vocals, and gorgeous melodies.- Mary the Mad Blogger

Coldplay Album Art and Free mp3

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

It’s a pretty exciting week if you are a Coldplay fan. Not only have they revealed the cover to the upcoming album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, but they will also be releasing the first single for free. Check out to download your own copy of “Violet Hill” a week before it’s actually released with a fee. The full LP is set to hit stores on June 17.

April 27th Catch of the Day – John Blythe

Monday, April 28th, 2008

As I was saying on the show, one of the greatest things that Chillville has done is given the opportunity for a new style of artist to be heard. Austin is mostly known for its indie, blues, and rock music that is heard throughout the city. However, Chillville has made it possible for the ambient and electronic acts to come out into the open. Acts like Shuttle Debris, OHN, Matson Belle, and today’s “catch” artist – John Blythe. John comes to us from London, England and had made Austin his home for the past 4 months. Back in the U.K. he was the front man for the band “The Rhodes”, which he’s reassembling with new members locally. He has given me a chance to hear some of his work, which comes in both an acoustic & electronic formats, and I have to tell you that it’s fantastic. The first artists that came to mind after hearing the tracks were Jose Gonzales, Jack Johnson, and Zero 7. Today’s catch is “Only What You Take With You”. Enjoy!

- Monty

Chillville April 27, 2008

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

I hope you are enjoying your Chillville weekend. Troy Dillinger will be stopping by on the show today. Check out his site at

  • Saint Etienne – Like a Motorway
  • Blur – The Universal
  • The Beta Band – Dry the Rain
  • Nada Surf – See These Bones (acoustic)
  • Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby
  • (9:30) The The – Uncertain Smile
  • The Flaming Lips – SpongeBob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy
  • A3 – Woke Up This Morning
  • Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven
  • Meiko – Reasons to Love You
  • (10:00) Belaire – Waiting Patiently
  • Jes – Heaven (Myon Remix)
  • The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
  • Enigma – Beyond the Silence
  • (10:30) Scarlett Johannson – Anywhere I Lay My Head
  • Aimee Mann – One
  • The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
  • Mum – We Have a Map of the Piano
  • Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Diplo Mix)
  • (11:00) Goldfrapp – Happiness
  • The Flaming Lips – Race for the Prize (The Peel Sessions)
  • Sia – I Go to Sleep
  • Tegan & Sara – Take Me Anywhere
  • Radiohead – Video Tapez ft. Del the Funky Homosapien (Amp Live Remix)
  • (11:30) John Blythe – Only What You Take With You (Catch of the Day)
  • Flight of the Conchords – Ladies of the World
  • Moby – Hyenas
  • Michael Andrews – When I Call a Name
  • Morcheeba – Sao Paulo
  • Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Belaire Free Download

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Here’s the free download for Belaire’s “Waiting Patiently,” as heard on our Chillville weekend on 101X:


Tuesdays With Mary (at The Parish)

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Local band The Black and White Years kicked off Tuesday’s Parish show with their groovy brand of dance rock. A scheduling mix-up kept them from getting the crowd they deserved, but chants of ‘one more song!’ followed them off stage nevertheless. Catch them live this Friday at the Mohawk, where they’ll be playing with a powerhouse lineup: YellowFever, Elf Power, and Belaire.

Next up was Brooklyn’s Tigercity, rocking an 80’s vibe with guitar and vocal lines that would have fit perfectly into the soundtrack of any John Hughes movie. Singer Bill Gillim maintained the feel with a falsetto that was solid live, and a bombshell when recorded. And then VHS or Beta took the stage. Their live act is polished, but what it lacked in spontaneity, it made up for with consistency of quality – with their seriously catchy beats, it was all the better for those going crazy on the dance floor. The machine-like precision of the drummer and shimmering electric guitar lines make these guys stand out live.

Check out My Broken Hand by the Black and White Years, You Are Sensation by Tigercity, and Burn It All Down [Fred Falke remix] from VHS or Beta.

Peter Nevland Chills With Us This Morning

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Check out the clips below to hear spoken-word artist Peter Nevland’s visit to Chillville. Very, very, entertaining.