An Evening With Feist


If you haven’t heard of Leslie Feist, you’re one of the few in Austin who weren’t trying to get tickets to her sold-out show at Stubbs Tuesday night. If you do know her, it may be from that one iPod commercial, or her time in Broken Social Scene, or even from her breakthrough 2007 album, The Reminder.

She started the show a cappella from behind a scrim, singing harmony over her own vocal loops. After blowing away the crowd with that performance, for the rest of the evening she could do no wrong, even when interrupting Gatekeeper to remonstrate someone in the front row for talking on their cell phone. In person, her voice was rough, attenuated; it felt like it could give way any second, yet remained perfectly on pitch. Not afraid to banter with the crowd, she sang 1234 – from the aforementioned commercial – after saying ‘let’s get this over with;’ but after only a little over an hour, no-one was ready for the end.

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