The Orb is Releasing The Dream to the U.S.


The Orb are considered pioneers of the ambient, chill out, electronic sound that has evolved now in many directions. Starting out in the early 90’s, Dr. Alex Patterson has been the main force behind the 16 albums and many remixes over the years. Now Patterson has teamed up with one of the original founding fathers of The Orb, Martin “Youth” Glover who took a break from the band to do his own producing projects. This includes producing the award winning Verve album in 1998 entitled Urban Hymns. Since the two are back together, I would expect some similar sounds on their latest album, The Dream, that were apparent in their earlier works. I certainly hope so, since The Orb’s work in old days delivered the most original tracks to come out of the electronic genre. The Dream is set to hit the stores on June 10. Here is the track listing below.

  1. The Dream (The Future Academy of Noise, Rhythm and Gardening Mix)
  2. Vuja De
  3. Something Special
  4. A Beautiful Day
  5. DDD (Dirty Disco Dub)
  6. The Truth Is…
  7. Phantom of Ukraine
  8. Mother Nature
  9. Lost & Found
  10. The Forest of Lyonesse
  11. Katskills
  12. High Noon
  13. Sleeping Tiger  & the Gods Unknown
  14. Codes
  15. Orbisonia

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