Tuesdays With Mary (at The Parish)

Local band The Black and White Years kicked off Tuesday’s Parish show with their groovy brand of dance rock. A scheduling mix-up kept them from getting the crowd they deserved, but chants of ‘one more song!’ followed them off stage nevertheless. Catch them live this Friday at the Mohawk, where they’ll be playing with a powerhouse lineup: YellowFever, Elf Power, and Belaire.

Next up was Brooklyn’s Tigercity, rocking an 80’s vibe with guitar and vocal lines that would have fit perfectly into the soundtrack of any John Hughes movie. Singer Bill Gillim maintained the feel with a falsetto that was solid live, and a bombshell when recorded. And then VHS or Beta took the stage. Their live act is polished, but what it lacked in spontaneity, it made up for with consistency of quality – with their seriously catchy beats, it was all the better for those going crazy on the dance floor. The machine-like precision of the drummer and shimmering electric guitar lines make these guys stand out live.

Check out My Broken Hand by the Black and White Years, You Are Sensation by Tigercity, and Burn It All Down [Fred Falke remix] from VHS or Beta.

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