April 27th Catch of the Day – John Blythe

As I was saying on the show, one of the greatest things that Chillville has done is given the opportunity for a new style of artist to be heard. Austin is mostly known for its indie, blues, and rock music that is heard throughout the city. However, Chillville has made it possible for the ambient and electronic acts to come out into the open. Acts like Shuttle Debris, OHN, Matson Belle, and today’s “catch” artist – John Blythe. John comes to us from London, England and had made Austin his home for the past 4 months. Back in the U.K. he was the front man for the band “The Rhodes”, which he’s reassembling with new members locally. He has given me a chance to hear some of his work, which comes in both an acoustic & electronic formats, and I have to tell you that it’s fantastic. The first artists that came to mind after hearing the tracks were Jose Gonzales, Jack Johnson, and Zero 7. Today’s catch is “Only What You Take With You”. Enjoy!

- Monty

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