Tuesdays With Mary

This seems to be the week for profanity-laced groups visiting Austin: Holy F**k is playing a sold-out show with MIA at La Zona Rosa this Thursday, and on Sunday night, F**k Buttons took the stage before Caribou. They were relentless, playing a solid 40 minutes with no breaks for applause until the end. Noise rock may be the genre, but the noises they crafted were organic; primal, eerie, and fascinating.

Caribou’s set-up was chill; a dimly lit stage with patterns projected on the wall behind, bringing the focus away from the musicians and to the music (which deserved the attention). Heavily distorted or whispered vocals were a large feature, and occasionally, Caribou architect Daniel Snaith would leave vocals, guitar, and the occasional set of chimes behind for a drum kit, causing dropped jaws around the room at the frenetic barrage of two drummers going insane at the same time. Both acts are definitely worth checking out if you prefer music that makes you think.

A show you don’t want to miss is coming up Wednesday night at Emo’s. Man Man is eclectic, strange, and reputedly have awesome live shows. And Chillville has blogged about Yeasayer before, but to sum up: densely-layered synths, complex vocals, and gorgeous melodies.- Mary the Mad Blogger

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