Your Live Music Weekend

Tonight is a Chillville night at Stubbs with Sounds Under Radio and Jets Under Fire. Sounds Under Radio has a big indie rock sound that you can get some idea of after hearing that one of their songs was on the Spiderman 3 soundtrack. Jets Under Fire is piano-heavy indie pop; a band that knows when to make crashing waves of noise, and when to fall back and let vocalist Jason Poe’s expressive voice carry them.

On Saturday, you should try and catch the What Made Milwaukee Famous show with The Whigs at Antones: WMMF, besides being homegrown, puts on an incredibly dynamic live show; if you like their recorded material you’ll love how much more they can bring to a concert. Definitely worth seeing, especially as they won’t be doing another show in town until their Austin City Limits appearance in fall. 101X has been playing ‘Sultan’ a lot recently, but check out ‘Self-Destruct’ for a more chill sound from them.

Also a strong contender for your Saturday evening, Black Tie Dynasty, another Chillville favorite, will be playing Red Eyed Fly at 9. Describing these guys as 80’s-influenced doesn’t do them justice; like VHS or Beta, they ride the fine line of acknowledging their musical predecessors without feeling like they are ripping them off. BTD gives a nostalgic nod to bands like The Smiths and Depeche Mode, and then innovatively reinterprets the sound. You’ve probably heard them on the show before, but make sure to also tune in this Sunday morning, when they’ll be in studio for an acoustic set that promises to rock in an entirely different way from the night before.

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