(3/22/09) Monty’s Catch of the Day – Doves

In my opinion, Doves are one of the best bands that have come together in the past 10 years (that list also includes Coldplay, and The Killers). Originally, they started out as an electronic/dance act under another name; however, the UK trio then decided to go another direction with their sound. The nice thing is that they still use a lot of that electronic flavor mixed with live guitars and drums. There first album, Lost Souls, was a masterpiece created with their biggest hit being “Catch the Sun”. They are now set to release their 4th studio album on April 7th, and hopefully this will be the fourth major treat from the band. Doves is composed of brothers Jez and Andy Williams, along with Jimi Goodwin, who can all three play every instrument they own. Today’s catch happens to be the title track of the album entitled, Kingdom of Rust. But seeing that this is more of an alternative rock song, I decided to give you the “Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)”. Enjoy!

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