Fastball – Live in Studio

I go way back with the guys in Fastball. When I was booking the Back Room with Jim Ramsey, I got Miles Zuniga’s earlier band Big Car a gig opening for the then-little-known Goo Goo Dolls (I also got him a weekly residency years later when I was booking talent for Stonehouse Brewery (that building is now Opal Divine’s on West 6th).  Later, when we started Austin first alt-rock station KNNC, I was a big supporter of the first version of Fastball, called Magneto USA, and put their version of Jenny (867-5309) on my covers-only compilation Deja Phooey. When hard times hit and I sold (almost) all my gold and platinum record awards, I saved only two: Sublime (who came on my 101X Next Big Thing precursor Radio Free Austin, when they were in Austin recording the record with Paul Leary…and Fastball. When I made my way to Tulsa, Fastball headlined our Not Necessarily Acoustic Christmas Concert in 1997.  The only time I’ve been to a party at the Playboy Mansion, I spent most of the night hanging out with drummer Joey Shuffield.  More recently, Tony Scalzo was actually the first live guest on Chillville. We’ll get into some of this and a bunch more in the interview (includes two live acoustic performances) below.







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