Spoon at Scoot Inn


Spoon played last night to a sold-out hometown crowd for a solid hour-and-a-half, with a mix of old and new material.

The first part of the set was devoted almost entirely to new music, and it showed in the band’s slight hesitancy at first: you could tell that they were not quite comfortable with the songs yet. At the same time, their focus on recording over the past months also meant that some of the older songs showed the same hesitancy, as the band tried to get back into the swing of playing live again.

The crowd called out requests for old favorites, Britt laughed off any slip-ups with a rueful smile, and the sound was superb. The new material was intriguing, and while Britt didn’t let slip any details about a release date, you can be sure we can’t wait to hear the tracks all polished and pretty.


For more pics, check out Mary’s Flickr photo set.

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