U2 3D

So I went to the media screening of U2 3D last night, and I have to tell you that it was one amazing show. I heard a little bit about this project a few months ago, but was a little hazy on the details. The movie is actually a concert that was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in spectacular Digital 3D. Now I wasn’t quite sure what was blowing me away the most – the 3D experience, the actual U2 concert, or the music. I believe it was all three combined that has made this into a mind-blowing experience. The 3D is unbelievable, and the actual concert itself is on a scale of its own. I have seen U2 in concert 2 times, and let me tell you – they put on a SHOW. They definitely do not disappoint the many thousands of fans in Argentina. The one thing that stood out is the music and the way the movie was mixed and engineered. The filmmakers did a beautiful job when it came to silencing the crowd in key moments, focusing their attention on the every sound during their close-ups, and giving the illusion that the band was in different sections of the theater by panning the vocals around. It is difficult to put down in words, but I assure you that it will all be clear when you see it. To sum up, this is a movie that needs to be seen even if you are not a hardcore U2 fan. I enjoyed the experience and hopefully you will as well.


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